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To be agile in body, mind and spirit is to be:
Lithe, Supple, Limber, Alert, Graceful, Loose, Nimble, Flexible,
Bright, Relaxed, Sprightly, Resilient, Optimistic, Adaptable, Lively,
Buoyant,Spirited, Strong, Joyful, Positive, and Feeling Great!

These are just some of the words used by people to describe the qualities
YOGAgility has helped them develop.


There seem to be almost as many styles of YOGA as there are types of people, which may seem confusing if you are seeking a class for the first time, but it’s well worth persevering with your search, trying different approaches, as once you find a style that suits you, the benefits to your health and well-being can be amazing.

YOGAgility is a mix of Hatha Yoga styles suitable for people of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities. YOGAgility classes offer a westernised approach to Yoga geared toward the average person, there are no extremes of anything and no jargon. During a class we stretch, strengthen, relax, breathe, meditate, laugh, visualise, and enjoy lots of ‘extras’ drawn from other disciplines, that couldn’t be described as classical YOGA at all, the main goal being that you become more agile and at ease with yourself and the world.

A typical class begins with 10/15 minutes winding down, with some gentle breathing, or simple meditation techniques. This is followed by easy warming and mobilising movements to prepare the body for more dynamic and challenging stretches. We end the session with 15 minutes relaxation, along with guided visualisation techniques, some inspirational poetry, insightful stories, or listening to some beautiful music or mantras – all very soothing.

The content of the class varies from week to week, working with different themes or focusing on different parts of the body; floor work, backbends, sequences, energising poses, restorative poses, etc. sometimes using props such as ties, blocks, chairs, and occasionally employing the help of a partner.

“The beauty is that people often come here for the stretch, and leave with a lot more.”
Liza Ciano

With regular practice you can expect to develop greater self-awareness as you learn to listen to your body, always working safely and patiently within your comfort levels (YOGA is not competitive), over time your body will start to feel stronger, looser, more agile, your posture will improve, you will have less aches and pains, you will sleep better and your energy levels will rise. As if that’s not enough, you will also discover that the effects of Hatha YOGA are more far reaching than other forms of exercise; as the body becomes more flexible and balanced it is quite usual to notice a shift in mental outlook too, finding yourself more positive, patient and tolerant, with a more peaceable approach to life.

Madeleine is based in Camberley, Surrey. Yogagility classes can be found in Frimley and Lightwater.