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I've been going to Madeleine's yoga classes for many years now and I'd be lost without them!! Never boring, Madeleine uses her vast experience to keep the classes fun, innovative and active. There's something special about these classes, because there's something very special about Madeleine! Try it - you've nothing to lose but your aches and pains!
Chris Douglass
There is nothing more important in a yoga class then truly being able to relax and let go. With Madeline's 'family and friendly' vibe, accommodating all ages, ranges and abilities I felt instantly welcomed and warm, becoming part of the group.
Her approach throughout the class, and clever combinations of breathing, posture and meditation enables each of us, whatever ability, to visibly improve over each term. We build each session to accomplish things we are often amazed by, her style and enthusiasm saw me jump from complete novice to feeling competent and confident in only a few semesters.
A social, active and fun way to spend time, delving into your possibilities with Yoga, leaving you relaxed and revitalised, ready for more.
Sue Gandy
I have been attending Madeleine’s Monday night yoga class for a number of years and it has become an integral part of my weekly routine. Over the years I have been to other yoga classes but never found them to be ‘quite right’ for me. So what makes Madeleine’s class special?
First and foremost it has to be Madeleine! Every Monday night she greets us with a smile and exudes a wonderful sense of energy that is quite infectious. Her class is always challenging but yet she makes each one of us feel at ease with our body’s individual idiosyncrasies, learning to ‘listen’ to our bodies.
Each class ends with a period of relaxation, sometimes with Madeleine reading a short poem in her wonderfully mellifluous voice- a perfect end to the evening. I always leave feeling refreshed, reenergised and ready to deal with the routine of everyday life.
Bernadette Egan
I have been attending Madeleine's class for over 10 years. Variety is the spice of life and no class is ever the same. Her experience, clear instructions and gentle humorous approach make the classes a pleasure to attend. Whatever your ability, you feel comfortable and welcomed in Madeleine's classes.
Jo Ward
Madeleine’s classes are fun, friendly and welcoming; Madeleine is always so patient and respectful of all our capabilities. It’s great to be able to try out a variety of postures in a safe, nurturing environment where classes are well planned to suit all our ability levels. I feel attending Madeleine’s classes has improved my flexibility as well as offering great relaxation – I always have my best night’s sleep on a Monday night! Thanks Madeleine.
Julie Fairey
Each yoga class is my time to clear my mind of the daily muddles and stretch and unwind tired muscles. To focus on just me, and it makes me a calmer and nicer person to face the week ahead.
Deborah Betts
Yoga is relaxing, soothing, restorative and helps me to stay flexible. The most noticeable benefit is that my bad back is so much better I love Madeline's classes and can highly recommend them.
Debbie Childs
I joined Madeleine’s classes about 10 years ago years, the atmosphere is very relaxing and I enjoy the variation of yoga poses which help keep me supple. Madeleine's motto is "if it hurts don't do it", and will adapt the pose to suit - I find the classes are also very informative as well as being fun.
Sue Blakemore
I enjoy the variety Madeleine’s classes offer, she takes a holistic approach including meditation and visualisation. The classes often have a particular theme running through a term and she always takes care to make sure we understand the correct way a posture should be. The classes are relaxed and relaxing even though we have worked very hard. I always come away with a feeling of well-being.
Lesley Fielder
I came back to Yoga after my mother passed away, I was recommended by a friend at the class. I found it tremendously helpful to focus on my own mind and body. It has taught me to be aware of how the rigours of living constantly bombard us and is a way of regaining some control and balance both to body and mind. I feel stronger, fitter and at times of stress try to use the tools that we learn to regain my sanity!
Jane Flood.
I have enjoyed my yoga classes with Madeleine each Monday evening over several years now, finding them very therapeutic and with something different every week, which helps me to keep my body and joints more supple - so important to me in my advancing years! The relaxation and meditation at the beginning and ending of each class is really uplifting, and Madeleine has encouraged me to safely practice some yoga movements at home too, a habit which has become part of my daily lifestyle now. I am so glad I enrolled in Madeleine's class, she is a really effective, caring and knowledgeable teacher.
Sandy Barson
I have been attending Madeleine’s classes for over 20 years, which, I believe speaks for itself!
She is an utterly inspirational teacher and has continued to find new ways to grasp our imaginations in her classes. I have participated in several of her groups and have always been impressed with her versatility coping with different personalities and people with differing abilities.
That hits it on the head really, with Madeleine you know it’s all about ‘people’. She is interested in every one of us that comes to Yoga and will go out of her way to adapt poses for the ever increasing number of us that are challenged with reduced flexibility or have had illnesses or operations that need to be taken in to account.
She is a fountain of knowledge, but never ‘pushy’, always willing to assist with any enquiry. We love her and couldn’t imagine going to anyone else. I always leave Madeleine’s classes relaxed, refreshed and inspired.
Ann Wood
I started yoga at a particularly stressful time in my life and am so pleased that I found Madeleine's classes. I leave each class feeling stretched, refreshed, energised, calmer and focused. I am more flexible and feel healthier. The relaxation/meditation at the beginning and end of each class is a real tonic. Madeleine treats everyone as an individual and is very inspiring.
Vanessa Tardif
Madeleine’s classes are relaxing, ‘stretchy’ and fun. I feel more flexible, my back is stronger and my posture has improved no end.
Linda Gilbert
I have been doing yoga with Madeleine for over 10 years and it is an Oasis in my busy life and has been wonderful in keeping me supple. Madeleine always encourages us to push our bodies that little bit extra and we always feel far more supple and calm after a yoga session. I particularly love the relaxation at the end where Madeleine always reads something very positive and uplifting. I would definitely recommend Yoga with Madeleine.
Josie Parr
An hour and a half of ME time a week, that's my guilty pleasure as a stay at home Mum of two under fives. Madeleine's yoga class completely unwinds me and resets my body and mind for the week ahead - highly recommended!
Sam Elswood
I joined Madeleine’s classes 25 years ago. Each lesson is unique and even after this period of time she still introduces new postures and techniques. Madeleine is an exceptional person and teacher, her enthusiasm, knowledge and attention to detail makes every lesson such a rewarding experience and obviously a lot of thought and preparation goes in to each class. Nothing is too much trouble, from washing the floor prior to each class, warming blankets to relax under, choosing thought provoking pieces of music and prose and always being there to advise and listen.
Madeleine’s teaching methods are easy to follow, she always demonstrates the postures beforehand, ensuring counter poses are used so no undue strain is put on the body. She reminds us to breathe and stand correctly and is there to lend a guiding hand if required.
Personally I have gained so much from Madeleine. Greater awareness of how my body works, internally and externally, better posture and breathing, and an overall suppleness and ability to relax, none of which would have been possible without Madeleine’s teaching. I always feel tremendously better at the end of each class.
Lesley Barr
I always come away feeling completely limbered, energised and calm with each class being different and structured.
Sandra Crane
Although I have been doing yoga with Madeleine for many years I still find her classes fun, inspiring and challenging. She is particularly good at adapting her classes to various levels of fitness and she has a great sense of humour.
Patricia Sommer
Madeleine is an excellent teacher and her classes are very therapeutic. They are geared towards the average person, all are most welcome. We certainly do a lot of yoga – relaxation, breathing, stretching, poses, etc. but Madeleine also brings her extensive knowledge of other complementary therapies into the mix so that we end up at ease in our bodies, in our minds and so with life and the world in general.
Clare Freeman
I joined Madeleine's yoga class 14 years ago. When I joined I could not kneel and had a bad limp after a skiing accident, after help from Madeleine with different ways to do some of the moves to make it easier I can now kneel and the limp has gone. I am not a very fit person but would highly recommend yoga as a way of keeping the muscles etc moving.
Barbara Jones
I find Madeleine’s classes a pleasure to attend as she has detailed knowledge of the subject and delivers the training in an expert way. Madeleine is an inspiring teacher, she creates an atmosphere conducive to Yoga, the classes are always balanced, carefully structured to achieve the postures, her instruction and demonstrations are very clear. I respect her ability to adapt her teaching methods for individual students with physical and mobility problems. This shows a wealth of experience and knowledge as well as care for others.
Jackie Hayward
Before attending Madeleine’s classes I had been taught by an Iyengar teacher for 12 years.
I found Madeleine’s teaching had a much broader approach, and as she regularly attends courses and training her lessons were, and still are, always presented with a fresh approach. It’s obvious she considers the individuals in her class when she plans her lessons. Her lessons are never repetitive, she uses new approaches to help us with the postures we find more challenging.
Initially I found the meditative aspect of Madeleine’s lessons quite hard, but over the years I have increasingly valued it. After my husband died I discovered I had an inner strength which I attribute to Madeleine’s teaching. This helped me during his illness, and afterwards, especially in the first few months of widowhood.
Madeleine’s lessons are fun but she takes her role as a Yoga teacher seriously. She has a lovely sense of humour and takes genuine interest in her class members’ well-being. Her dedication to our comfort extends to washing the floor before the class as well as providing warm blankets, non-slip mats and other aids.
Margaret Holland
Yoga is great for keeping me flexible and supple. It also clears my mind and helps me relax. I always look forward to my Yoga class, unlike lots of other forms of exercise.
Alison Lovell
I have attended Madeleine's Yoga classes for over 7 years and I continue to gain considerable enjoyment and benefit from them thanks to the varied content, her consideration for individual capabilities and the fact that she makes Yoga fun.
Stella Hopping.
I hadn't done yoga for 20 years when I started classes again. I realised quickly just how much I had been missing, and while I might not be as supple or flexible as it was 20 years ago, I am certainly much better for regular classes and already feel the benefit of regular stretching.
Deirdre Brown