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What To Wear & What To Bring


You will need to wear either loose comfy clothing or something stretchy, your clothing should not inhibit your movement in any way.

It’s a good idea to wear layers, sometimes we will be working slowly and gently at floor level which may be chilly, other times we work energetically and can get very hot.

“The purpose of yoga is awareness, not perfected poses, beliefs, or any kind of attainment. Awareness from moment to moment requires quiet strength, flexibility, and balance. A good Yoga practice develops exactly these characteristics.”
Jim Gaudette

We always practise Yoga barefoot, so you will not need any shoes, though if you are prone to cold feet, socks are sometimes useful when working in sitting and lying poses.


A non slip Yoga or exercise mat.
This a must, they come in varying thicknesses, so if you need a bit more padding for comfort a thicker one is better.

A small blanket or thick towel.
This can be rolled or folded to make some poses more comfortable, and is very useful for covering the body when relaxing at the end of the class.

I do bring some blankets with me, but not enough for everyone to use, think of these as spares for occasions when you might forget your own, or when extra warmth or support is needed. Having your own equipment is part of committing to your practice.


Belts, Ties & Blocks.
Not necessary to bring as I have plenty to go round, but many people like to have their own, particularly if they intend to practice at home.

There are many good suppliers of Yoga equipment as any ‘google’ search will reveal. I often use Yoga Mad or Yoga Matters and have always been very satisfied with their quality and service.,, their equipment can also be found at Amazon. These suppliers are also great for DVD.s, C.D.s and books.

It’s very important to stay well hydrated when doing any form of physical activity, Yoga is no different.