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Utilising muscle testing techniques to identify energy blocks and other imbalances, Kinesiology employs the Chinese 5 Element model, and any imbalances are addressed by massaging, stimulating or sedating a variety of reflex and acupressure points. The treatment has many applications and may help:

“Muscle testing is often the key to balancing mechanically opposed muscles, since a muscle spasm usually exists secondary to and opposite a weak muscle.”
Robert Blaich D.C.

Refine Posture, relieving aches and pains.
Identify and release mental/emotional stress.
Identify and change negative behavioural patterns.
Enhance co-ordination, improving both mental and physical performance.

Muscle testing provides the practitioner and client with a direct feedback mechanism allowing positive change to be seen instantly.

Treatment is usually carried out on a therapy couch, and there is no need to remove clothing.

Aspects of Kinesiology may be employed, if appropriate, alongside other treatments.